Different Types of Saudi Arabian Visa


Saudi Arabia has known to have a robust economic bonding with the United States. As a result, more Americans will travel to Saudi Arabia for business and work. Besides, this relationship might create more opportunities for more Americans who might have planned to visit Saudi Arabia for different occasions in the future. However, people need to know that Saudi Arabia has no tourist visa. As much as more people wish to see the kingdom as a tourist destination, it seems like it is certainly not going to happen in the near future.

In this case, you might wonder about what kinds of visas you should be applied when planning to travel to Saudi Arabia. In fact, there are many types of Saudi Arabia visas with its complex process. You might also have to constantly check iqama expiry date if you plan to live longer there. Learn some of the visa types in Saudi Arabia below to understand well about the process, so you have no difficulty to get yours accepted.

Business Visa

paspor and visaApplying for a business visa generally needs the host from Saudi Arabia that you meet with to discuss ventures joining. It is a relatively manageable visa to register as you need to scan your passport and give it to the host. The host will submit it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Later, the host will receive the accepted invitation from the ministry. The host needs to use the company’s seal to make it available to you as their client. Besides, you can also get a visiting work visa, similar to a business visa, through your server business in Saudi Arabia. In this case, when staying there performing a task, you will get your salary given by your primary employer and not get compensation from the Saudi Arabia host.

Family Visit Visa

You can apply for the family visit visa if you have a relative living there. Your relative in Saudi Arabia can act as a sponsor for you and other families who will come to Saudi Arabia. They have to register the invitation letter for you to get the visa entry. However, please remember that this visa type will be valid for only 30 days. Therefore, you have to inform your sponsor if you wish to stay longer there. 

Residency Visa

Saudi ArabiaA residence visa is required if you wish to move and stay in Saudi Arabia. It is probably the rare visa types, and not many can get the invitation to remain in Saudi Arabia for a while. It is an unusual invitation that may emanate from the Ministry of Interior that usually deals with jobs or people relocating to be with someone who has worked in Saudi Arabia. This invitation allows someone to visit Saudi Arabia, and the moment they enter the electronic immigration gateway, they will get an Iqama card that serves as the ID card during the stay in Saudi Arabia, proving their lawful resident. Please remember that it is highly essential to keep this card with you at all moments.

Work Visa

People who have obtained an employment contract with a Saudi corporation need to apply for a work visa. It is a quite lengthy process that begins with a personal meeting with a Saudi recruitment company. They will then send their resume directly to a Saudi business. If the company considers the candidate fitting, they will offer a job contract with the visa block invitation to follow a full medical examination, a certificate of clearance from the police, a collection of vital certificates/titles, and many additional relevant documents. It is possible to obtain a temporary work visa, yet you have to return to a host country after the contract expires.

Religious Visa

Saudi Arabia provides two religious visas, Umrah and Hajj. People can renew them at their particular times of the year. You do not need any invitation related to these visa types, but only people who adhere to the Muslim religion can apply. People can retrieve these visas independently or in a package with resorts, transportation, and airline tickets.