Types Of Cigar


Cigars provide utmost smoking pleasure, which literally cannot be experienced by any other means of smoke. However, to experience this pleasure, it is very important that you choose the right kind of cigar for you. Yes, you heard it right, the cigars are available in the market in different types depending on their size, capacity, and material used. If you are an occasional smoker or use the cigars rarely, it may be the case that you are not aware of the types and quality of smoke that different cigars provide. So, below is a brief intro of the different types of cigar available in the market. Go through each one of them, to enhance your knowledge about the most premium way to smoke.

Types of Cigar


CigarPajero is one of the most commonly used type of cigar used across the globe. Due to its familiar shape, most of the smokers find it easy to smoke and hold. Typically, the Pajero cigars have a shape of a test-tube that we used in chemistry labs. The uniform shape of Pajero makes it very comfortable to hold. Additionally, the uniform shape of cigar provides a uniform smoke quality till the end, which is the most valid reason behind the enormous popularity of the Pajero. So, if you are looking out for a cigar that provides the utmost pleasure of smoking, then we would recommend you to go for the Pajero cigars.


The next popular type of cigar that can easily be found in most of the cigar shops across the world is the Torpedo. The unique shape of the torpedo cigars can easily be compared to that of a bullet that has a small head and then has a uniform shape like the Pajero. This unique shape helps the user to enjoy the smoke in a more uniform way. So, if you are want to try something else than the Pajero, then the Torpedo will be the best choice for you.


As the name depicts, these cigars have a pointed head that uniformly widens till the end. Due to the unique design strategy, these cigars provide a gradually enhanced smoke level that makes it one of the most desirable type of cigars across the range. So, if you are willing to enjoy the real cigars, then we would recommend you to go for the pyramids.


Perfectos are another very popular types of cigars among the smokers who love to have a sudden blast of smoke. The perfecto has rounded closed with a bulge at the center. This makes a sudden increase in the smoke level while in the middle. This is most pleasant part of smoking this type of cigars. So, if you are bored of smoking the uniform shaped cigars, and want to experience something new, the perfect will be the right type for you.


CigarPresidente cigars usually have a similar shape like the Pyramids but are have fairly large size and have an occasionally closed foot. The large size and the perfect shape makes it one of the most luxurious types of cigars, and every smoker must try it once to get the real pleasure of smoking cigars.These were the most common types of cigars available in the global market, depending on the size and shape. Choose the one that suits you, and enjoy smoking in a premium way.