20 Superb Balcony Designs


When constructing your balcony, the design you choose will either make everything appealing or otherwise. It is therefore important that the decision on balcony design be made carefully. Personal taste and preferences should always be taken care of as a top priority. There are hundreds of varieties of the balcony design as seen on this page and other online websites. A brief look across historical periods and a simple tour to various world regions give rise to the following 20 ideas on balcony designs.

Victorian Period Balcony Design

You may borrow ideas from the beautiful looking antiques of the Victorian period. Balcony design, heights, furniture, and materials used will simply look wonderful when given a pure selection of Victorian design.modern balcony

Traditional Balcony Design

The designs for the balcony have metamorphosed from the olden traditional designs. As the owner or designer with a good nose for the past, you may choose to try their design. Look for the traditional furniture, modernized traditional lighting, the environment, and the walls should have the touch of the past.

Mid-century Balcony Design

For lovers of the past designs put a little more improvement on them to arrive at mid-century. They added simple ideas like vase flowers and raised the walls.

Industrial Balcony Designs

This is a modern balcony design full of modernized and collapsible furniture. Mostly, they are raised for an aerial view of the environment. Base flowers and plants may also be included.

Craftsman Balcony Design

Do you love crafts? This is your design. You can hire an artisan and have him, or her put every kind of art. Let wooden crafts fill the balcony with lovely pieces.

Contemporary Balcony Design

Are you a lover of modernity and all it offers? Bring the latest in the world of construction and furniture. Put glass walls, sleeping chairs, wide screens, etc.

Tropical Balcony Idea

As a lover of the tropical environment, ensure that your balcony has enough of tropical look. Furnish it with tropical materials. Also, check where and how it is constructed.

Transitional Design Idea

Bring all your personality in one balcony. Ensure your taste is catered for in lighting, furniture, flowers, wall designs, floor. Everything should look transitional.

Southwestern Balcony Idea

Staff your balcony with the southwestern taste of furniture and other materials. Construct the balcony in their design and fill it accordingly.

Shabby-Chic Balcony Style

Simple but classic balcony. Give your balcony a super finish but maintain a Shabby-chic style.

Scandinavian Balcony Idea

Another touch of class from Scandinavia. Get furniture, balcony design, heights and colors to marry the Scandinavia style. If it overlooks an attraction area, the better.

Rustic Balcony Idea

Another classic wooden balcony of antiquity. Nice looking and naturally placed pieces of wood. Quite attractive.apartment balcony

Modern Balcony Design

The design marries the house design of today. There are modern vases with artificial items and modern day furniture.

Mediterranean Design

Pick the Mediterranean colorful Islamic designs with comfortable furniture.

Herb Garden Design

Live well with the environment. Make the walls with spaces and keep plant vases on your balcony.

Farmhouse Design

Another environmental friendly balcony design.

Eclectic Balcony Idea

A very modern and colorful balcony. The walls are short and highly decorated.

Beach Style Balcony Idea

Imagine a beach and recreate the scenario. Get the beach style furniture and create a similar environment.

Asian Balcony

Another nice Islamic design balcony. You may borrow the Asian balcony floors, walls or lack of it, setting and the furniture.

Apartment Balcony Design Idea

This involves making a balcony with the grilled front that gives very clear vision as well as a cool breeze. Furniture and other things must be reduced significantly.